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Shopping for Halloween Costumes in Chicago

Shopping for Halloween costumes in Chicago is hardly a chore. Stores that sell them sprout just about everywhere once the season rolls in. A lot of these places are also known for selling specific types of costumes. So whether you’re looking for something spooky, hilarious, vintage, or just plain classic, you will undoubtedly find it somewhere.

Then again, while kids are sure to like certain looks, there are a few special considerations that parents need to make before buying anything.

The following are tips and tricks to help you get those perfect Halloween outfits for your kids:

Fire Resistance

Trick-or-treating or attending Halloween parties, there’s a huge possibility the children will encounter lit jack-o’-lanterns and other heated holiday decors or those that come with open flames. Though the little ones may never touch these things, choosing flame-safe outfits is still a wise thing to do. For the same reason, you should buy an all-inclusive outfit instead of experimenting with different crafting materials that could pose unanticipated risks.

Shop Policies

Costume sizes can vary considerably among manufacturers and sellers. A specific brand’s size may fit great but the same size from another brand may not. Sizing charts should always feature exact body measurements. Even more importantly, you have to know the vendor’s return policies. If you bought an outfit online and it’s too small or too large for your youngster, make sure you don’t have to pay restocking fees and that you can have the item returned or exchanged in time for the season’s festivities. If you ordered a costume online and it turns out to be the wrong size, make sure there are no restocking fees to pay and that the item can be returned and exchanged in time for the Halloween events.

Weather Conditions

Even if you live where summers are usually extended, always prepare for typical fall weather. Pick a multi-layered outfit or something that’s roomy enough to be worn over regular clothes. Children will have a much better time going door to door if their teeth aren’t chattering.

Child-Safe Accessories

Avoid kid costumes that are heavily driven by accessories. There’s no need for your child to carry a plastic sword all night for identification purposes. Get accessories that are easy to tote as well as to do away with if needed.


Research Halloween costume ideas for your kids, whether online or by doing some pre-shopping. Besides wide selections of complete ensembles, there are also lots of separates that you play around with while creating a whole new unique look for your child. When doing this, however, make sure to check every single component of the outfit for safety. In other words, give yourself enough time to look around instead of hurrying your way into a purchase. And again, if you live in Chicago, finding stores that sell Halloween costumes will be a breeze.

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