ECHO - Edwards Christian Homeschool Organization

Article I- Name

  • The name of this organization is Edwards Christian Homeschool Organization, referred to as ECHO.

  • Echo is a Greek word that means "to hold." We, the parents, recognize that we are our children's primary educators. We hold to our right to educate our children at home within the guidelines of California State Law. We hold to our individual family identities, Christian heritage and values as we educate our children in Christian spirituality; good citizenship and patriotism.

Article II- Purpose

  • ECHO is a non-profit Evangelical Christian organization.

  • To provide homeschool electives and classes from a Biblical-Christian worldview.

  • Organize classes, programs, activities and educational support to families who are active Christian home-educators.

Article III- Vision

  • ECHO was founded in July 2010 by a group of dedicated homeschool parents under the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The vision of ECHO is to be a part of a growing mainstay in education that allows parents to make personal choices for their children and to uphold individual preferences in curriculum and methods of instruction. As a homeschool support group, ECHO hopes to provide a place of encouragement, fellowship, discipleship and information for parents and guardians that choose to teach their children at home.